Demo 2016

by Held Back

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Tapes coming in April 2016.

Recorded in Tenterhooks by Conor 'Ginge' Kane.


released March 21, 2016

Kinchy - guitar
Johnhold - bass
Little Ron - drums
Dex - vocals



all rights reserved


Held Back Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: No Respect
Try to break a clear mind.
Corrupt, conform you're dead inside.

Made up bullshit, can;t face the truth.
Show me no respect, I have no respect for you.

Deceive to make you feel alive.
Impose your will, won't alter mine.

Liar. Tell the fucking truth.
Scumbag. Exposed, you're fucking through.
Track Name: (D)iminished (R)esponsibility, (S)ame (E)ffect

Rage, excitement, let out in a pit.
Violent, aggressive, cause you took a fucking hit.
Twisted mindset, lost your fucking shit.
Addicted unknowingly, stepped off the precipice.

Different person, you can't control it when you drink.
Substance, won't touch it, you'll never change the way I think.
Track Name: Ca$hcore
Moneymaker, you take it from your friends.
Nothing left, driven to the end.
You see us now? We don't need your kind again.
Another fad, you abandoned us for them.

I can't take it, your fake shit.
Just face it; what are you now?


I can't take it, none of your bullshit.
Just face it; I'd put you in the fucking ground.

I can't take it.
Won't waste my time on you.
You're just the same prick.
Stabbed me in the fucking back.
Track Name: Two Scenes
Same beliefs but you push them aside,
Same old riffs but you're different in your mind,
Hypocrites; your community's the same,
Get a fucking grip cause your self-righteousness is in vain.

Two scenes (x3)
Ruled by drama queens.

I refuse to believe that your attitudes have changed,
You point your fucking finger, always someone else to blame,
Trapped inside your little comfort zone,
Preach to me that you're united? You're alone.

Two scenes (x3)
Ruled by drama queens.

Caught up in looking out for just your friends,
Never held the ideals that you claim to fucking represent.

Get the fuck out.